Windows XP End of Support is April 8th, 2014

February 27, 2014

This is a repost from our December Newsletter. April 8, 2014 is the end of what Microsoft refers to as “Extended Support” for the thirteen year old XP operating system as well as Office 2003 and Windows Exchange Server 2003. After April 8th, Microsoft "Patch Tuesdays" will no longer include fixes for XP.  Industry experts expect large amounts of malware & viruses to be unleashed against anyone still running XP computers.... Read More

80% of ATMs run XP

February 27, 2014

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about end of Windows XP support affecting Automatic Teller Machines, the majority of which run XP.  What many of the articles fail to mention is that most of those machines run Windows XP Embedded version which is much more restrictive and will be getting security updates from Microsoft through 2016.... Read More

Apple "GoToFail" Bug

February 27, 2014

Apple has released updates for both iOS and OSX which fix the "GoToFail" security hole which potentially allowed for man in the middle attacks.  While Apple devices would display the lock icon for a secure connection, the actual SSL verification was not taking place.  There are no reports of anyone exploting the security hole but there are questions about how it got through testing and quality control on both iOS and OSX.  The timing of the patching is also problemati... Read More

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Faster Streaming

February 27, 2014

Netflix, which now accounts for over 30% of all broadband traffic, has been getting a lot of complaints about poor streaming performance in recent months.  Suspicion had been that the internet service providers might be throttling streaming media or prioritizing other traffic.   Netflix had even been chiding Comcast for poor performance to subscribers on the Netflix Performance Blog.  Netflix has now announced that is paying an undisclosed amount (in million... Read More

EU Threatens to Suspend 'Safe Harbour'.

February 27, 2014

Safe Harbour is the bilateral agreement which allows the US access to personal data from the EU despite having much weaker privacy laws.  Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner, said that the EU-US "safe harbour" agreement would be suspended if the US fails to take "legislative action before the summer". The Commissioner said that repairing Safe Harbour is the first step necessary if trust is to be rebuilt in "EU-US data flows" following revelatio... Read More

Target & Neiman Marcus Hacks

February 27, 2014

Follow up on the December announcement by Target that account information for 40 million credit and debit cards had been stolen in a sophisticated attack on the point of sale systems.  The retailer admitted in January that up to 110 million customers were affected   The Neiman Marcus attack now appears to be unrelated to the hack on Target.  Originally estimated at 1.1 million cards, it now appears that fewer than 350,000 cards were exposed.  The retailer reports t... Read More

Top Tech Stories of 2012

February 20, 2012

Top 5 Technology Stories of 2012 Here is our list of some of the most interesting technology trends and stories for 2012. In no particular order.  The Facebook IPO With over a billion users, Mark Zuckerberg took Facebook public on May 18th with a valuation of $108 billion, which is the highest valuation ever for a newly public company. The overhyped offering was plagued by technical difficulties and shareholders brought suit claiming that certain large banks were given secret i... Read More

Tech for Tranparency

December 03, 2012

Regardless of your political beliefs, most of us will agree that being bombarded by partisan, often misleading, political advertising is no fun at all. The advent of Super-PACs has raised the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt) factor to new highs, but technology rises to meet needs and there are some great websites and apps to help you this campaign season. Super-PACs are the result of vs. Federal Election Committee which allowed for the creation of independent expenditure-onl... Read More

New Dispatch Administrator Hired

July 30, 2012

As many of you know, Amber has moved to Florida for family reasons. We all wish her the best.   We have been lucky enough to find a great replacement and are pleased to announce the hiring of Kamala Banks as our new Dispatch Administrator. She joins the team with a strong background in Dispatch, Office Management, and Technical Writing. Once we get her up to speed, Kamala will be your primary point of contact for tickets and scheduling, as well as our "Client Champion"... Read More

Stuxnet & Flame

June 15, 2012

Members of the US government are now admitting that Stuxnet, the computer worm discovered in June of 2010, was created by the US with the help of Israeli Intelligence as an attack on the Iranian nuclear program. Stuxnet was unique in that it included the capability to spy on and subvert industrial systems, specifically Siemens programmable logic controllers. The Stuxnet project was apparently created in 2006 under the Bush administration as an alternative to pre-emptive Israeli airstrikes on... Read More

The Bring-Your-Own-Device Dilemma

June 15, 2012

The BYOD Dilemma IT folklore has numerous tales of a pompous senior executive of IBM, or GE, or the Air Force who visits a client like IBM, or GE, or the Air Force and has his expensive new laptop confiscated because he ignored the security warnings about no outside equipment entering the building. These days the situation is so common that it has gained its own acronym, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, and IT departments all over the world are struggling to deal with it. Technology wri... Read More

DNS Changer Malware Information

June 15, 2012

DNSChanger Malware is NOT a big threat. Major media outlets have taken a warning from the FBI about the DNSChanger malware and are running stories titled 'Don't lose the Internet in July" or "The Internet may stop working in July!". We think these stories are doing a better job of scaring people than of informing them and want to re-assure you that this issue is not one for you to be concerned about at work. You may want to read the rest of this message and check yo... Read More

RIM/BlackBerry News

June 15, 2012

RIM/Blackberry Woes ∞ Research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry and PlayBook lost $125 million in the 4th quarter, their first loss since 2005. The last quarter of 2011 was the 5th consecutive quarter in which RIM missed their earnings estimate, despite shipping 11 million BlackBerries and half a million PlayBooks. Rumor has it that RIM will be looking for a buyout. Blackberry users might do well to start looking at iPhones and Android phones. ∞ RIM has postponed its an... Read More

LinkedIn Spam Alert

June 15, 2012

WARNING: LinkedIn Spam Alert   We are getting reports of spam which looks like it is from LinkedIn arriving in your mailboxes rather than being caught by the filters and want to caution all of you against opening them. Please delete them instead. If you think they may be legitimate email from LinkedIn, please go to LinkedIn and check your invitations there. Postini has updated definitions once today at lunchtime already and appear to be working on another... Read More

LinkedIn Passwords Stolen

June 15, 2012

By Tom It has been a bad couple of weeks for LinkedIn.  First, security researchers found that the LinkedIn mobile app was harvesting a lot more personal information from user calendars than it was letting anyone know about. Then hackers breached the system and made off with over six and a half million passwords from LinkedIn's 160 million users.  They sent out an email alerting affected users which was probably lost in the flood of spam spoofed to look like it was coming fr... Read More

What is NFC?

September 30, 2011

  Smartphones and Near Field Communications. Google recently released its Wallet application for mobile payments. Google, Ebay, mobile phone makers and credit card companies are all scrambling to be the ones you use when waving your phone over a register to buy things. Exchanging payment information from your phone to a reader requires NFC enabled smartphones. Near Field Communications is a subset of RFID (radio) with a 20 centimeter range. The short range of the standard, combined with... Read More


September 09, 2011

  Foxconn, the Chinese supplier of Apple’s iPad 2, is expecting to ship 20 million iPad 2s before Christmas. Amazon Chairman and internet billionaire Jeff Bezos' private rocketship crashed and burned during test flight. A "flight instability" triggered safeguards which stopped thrust on the Blue Origin's rocket. A federal judge has tossed out a "grossly excessive" November jury award that would have... Read More

College Kids are "Search Stupid"?

September 02, 2011

A study by Illinois academic libraries (ERIAL) discovered that not only do college students use Google over any other resource to find information, but they are not very good at it. Having grown up with the Internet, the college kids were assumed to have some expertise in data retrieval by the librarians and scholars conducting the study, but the students were "utterly clueless" in how to conduct a good search. Information on how to search more effectively is available by searching... Read More


August 26, 2011

  While most of us think Cyberwar is the stuff of Hollywood movies and Pentagon budget padding, there is growing evidence of "State Actors" at work in the hacker's underworld. Security firm McAfee released information in August on "Operation Shady Rat", a 5 year long hacking campaign McAfee has uncovered. Government systems in the US, Canada, and South Korea plus corporate networks of defense contractors were apparently penetrated, with some of the i... Read More


August 19, 2011

  Random links which you might find useful or interesting... Bomomo - Online Drawing Page        Khan Academy - Over 2400 Educational Videos Shapeways - Personal 3D Printing Read More