What is NFC?

September 30, 2011

  Smartphones and Near Field Communications. Google recently released its Wallet application for mobile payments. Google, Ebay, mobile phone makers and credit card companies are all scrambling to be the ones you use when waving your phone over a register to buy things. Exchanging payment information from your phone to a reader requires NFC enabled smartphones. Near Field Communications is a subset of RFID (radio) with a 20 centimeter range. The short range of the standard, combined with... Read More


September 09, 2011

  Foxconn, the Chinese supplier of Apple’s iPad 2, is expecting to ship 20 million iPad 2s before Christmas. Amazon Chairman and internet billionaire Jeff Bezos' private rocketship crashed and burned during test flight. A "flight instability" triggered safeguards which stopped thrust on the Blue Origin's rocket.http://www.blueorigin.com/letter.htm A federal judge has tossed out a "grossly excessive" November jury award that would have... Read More

College Kids are "Search Stupid"?

September 02, 2011

A study by Illinois academic libraries (ERIAL) discovered that not only do college students use Google over any other resource to find information, but they are not very good at it. Having grown up with the Internet, the college kids were assumed to have some expertise in data retrieval by the librarians and scholars conducting the study, but the students were "utterly clueless" in how to conduct a good search. Information on how to search more effectively is available by searching... Read More


August 26, 2011

  While most of us think Cyberwar is the stuff of Hollywood movies and Pentagon budget padding, there is growing evidence of "State Actors" at work in the hacker's underworld. Security firm McAfee released information in August on "Operation Shady Rat", a 5 year long hacking campaign McAfee has uncovered. Government systems in the US, Canada, and South Korea plus corporate networks of defense contractors were apparently penetrated, with some of the i... Read More


August 19, 2011

  Random links which you might find useful or interesting... Bomomo - Online Drawing Page      http://bomomo.com        Khan Academy - Over 2400 Educational Videos      http://khanacademy.org Shapeways - Personal 3D Printing      http://www.shapeways.com... Read More