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New Dispatch Administrator Hired

July 30, 2012

As many of you know, Amber has moved to Florida for family reasons. We all wish her the best.   We have been lucky enough to find a great replacement and are pleased to announce the hiring of Kamala Banks as our new Dispatch Administrator. She joins the team with a strong background in Dispatch, Office Management, and Technical Writing. Once we get her up to speed, Kamala will be your primary point of contact for tickets and scheduling, as well as our "Client Champion" to represent your interests on the team.   As part of our efforts to continuously improve our service to you, we may be making some small changes as we train Kamala in our tools and processes. If you have suggestions regarding dispatch, or feel like something is being overlooked during the transition, please feel free to contact Brent or Bill. We look forward to introducing Kamala to you and know that you'll find her a great addition to the Prospera team!