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Solution Success Stories - Company Move

Sometime the smart move is actually to move. Relocating your company is a task made less daunting with Prospera on your side. In early 2013 , a 50+ user client of ours made good use of Prospera’s services to minimize delays and technical interruptions during their relocation. Prospera was involved before any leases were signed, vetting possible locations from a technical perspective including availability of internet access, site wiring, power requirements, etc. Network layout and utilization planning done ahead of time ensured that negotiations for internet connections included realistic bandwidth requirements including wireless & mobile users, voice & data systems, as well as cloud and offsite backup. Prospera cabling services were used to determine the costs & benefits of re-using site wiring or starting from scratch, including getting new cubicles wired correctly. Prospera project mangers ensured that phone number and circuit ports and turn-ups were done with a minimum of headaches and a maximum level of security as firewalls were pre-configured for the new connections. Every move is going to have its share of hassles, but with Prospera advising and han-dling things on the technology front, you have more time to take care of your people and customers!


Solution Success Stories - Phone Systems

Gone are the days when your business has to put up with an old style business phone system (POTS) with its Frankenstein console and only one "espert" who knows how to fix anything. One of Prospera's clients with offices in across the region benefitted greatly from upgrading to a modern Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system. Unified Communications allows voice to be treated like any other form of data to be transmitted where it is needed with ease. With Prospera's Fonality VoIP solution the client can dial by extension to everyone in the organization regardless of their location. Conferencing is a piece of cake. Voicemails can be routed to emails so you are never out of touch. Users have an easy desktop display of who is available for phone calls, transfers, chats, etc. Users can also easily set up "Find Me, Follow Me" functions to route inbound calls to wherever they are with fall back to sales groups, voicemail, and personal phones. Productivity is way up with the VoIP phone system and Unified Communications empowering the users to work the way they want!


Solution Success Stories - Co-Location

Sometimes due to geographic spread, the need for consolidation, or to access greater bandwidth; best practices dictate the need for resources outside of a client’s main location. Security, data retention, and administration considerations preclude use of a hosted provider so the solution has been the use of a Co-Location facility, what is now being called a “Private Cloud”. Prospera has over 10 years of experience with Co-Location and under the right circumstances it is a great solution for clients. Prospera helped the Retirement Corporation of America, a P&G retirement firm build and manage a co-location facility which grew to a dozen servers. Before it was bought by WGUC, Prospera helped WVXU public radio pioneer content streaming to the internet from a backbone based co-location facility. If your users are dispersed, if you need to share better hardware among locations, or if you need access to the big pipes, a “Private Cloud” co-location solution might be the answer for you. Prospera has the experience and the expertise to help you plan and implement solutions ranging from the safety and security of in-house resources to bandwidth saving “Cloud” solutions and everything in between!


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