ProsperaSupport Infrastructure
  • Server management and protection
  • Network switching management
  • Wireless network management
  • Detailed reporting
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Friendly American support staff
  • Onsite and remote support
ProsperaSupport Helpdesk
  • 24/7/365 On-call service available
  • US staffed, native English speaking support desk
  • Remote and onsite support
  • 3rd Party application support
  • Trained, certified staff
  • Remote desktop access
  • Desktop security management
  • Fixed cost support solution
  • VIP program

Premium Services.
Fixed Rates.

With Prospera, manage your IT
with one vendor, one consistent
bill, one contact for support, one
point of accountability for one fixed

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ProsperaSupport Infrastructure

Who manages the big picture for your business technology, and takes ownership of navigating the complex relationships between hardware, software, 3rd party vendors, and your actual business? ProsperaSupport Infrastructure offers your business the chance to break the cycle of uncertainty, and take control of your technology experience with Prospera. With a fixed cost management and risk structure, the ProsperaSupport Infrastructure program offers your company control over the three areas where technology can hamper your business growth and development

  • Uncertainty – Prospera manages the relationship with your 3rd party vendors for software, telecom, copiers, and other technology providers, allowing you to get the proper solution every time
  • Reliability – Prospera’s management of your vendors, infrastructure, and users allows an unprecedented level of reliability for your company. Prospera’s vision across these areas gives your technology a new level of interoperability
  • Affordability – Your company gains the advantages of a fixed cost in a virtual employee, without sick days, missing skill sets, and a higher level of accountability without variable costs.

ProsperaSupport Infrastructure, paired with ProsperaOne and ProsperaPlus offerings, gives your business the custom tailored virtual IT department your company needs, at a value that in unparalleled in return for your company. When you place your servers, switching fabric, wireless, and other network components with ProsperaSupport Infrastructure, you gain peace of mind at a price your business cannot live without.

ProsperaSupport Helpdesk

When a member of your team has an issue with your technology ecosystem, who gets your staffer working and productive again?

With Prospera, our team is ready and waiting to take ownership of technology questions and concerns from you and your staff, by going the extra mile to bridge the myriad of support options, software, and providers that combine in your business technology platform.

Our helpdesk team offers your company the value of in-house resources, with additional options and flexibility that make ProsperaSupport Helpdesk a top value for your business.

Our USA based and USA staffed helpdesk are available via phone, email, and the web to assist your team with their support questions, with a level of personal, human interaction not available with most technology companies.

ProsperaSupport Helpdesk is managed by a dispatch team that takes your calls, helps assess and schedule the time to work with you on your question, and then assigns a member of our support team to work with you.

After your questions are answered, and any items needed to be completed are finished, our service team will call to verify that your experience was exactly what you needed it to be, and nothing less.

Working with other vendors, explaining details, and following up to ensure that your staff is happy and productive is how the ProsperaSupport Helpdesk solution works for your company.

ProsperaSupport Helpdesk offers remote and desk side support, allowing our team to handle issues in person when remote support solutions are not enough.

All ProsperaSupport Helpdesk solutions include desktop management for security patching, anti-virus, asset tracking and management, monitoring for potential system issues, remote desktop access for your end users, in addition to our award winning support.