ProsperaOne Managed Security


With ProsperaOne Managed Security, your business can have enterprise level surveillance monitoring solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing network, allowing your business to leverage your existing technology investments. Our ProsperaOne Managed Security solutions allow for our team to design and manage your surveillance solution, bringing a final package that allows you to watch, record, and review your business happenings from anywhere in the world.


With ProsperaOne Managed Security, we offer you a single vendor solution to assess, design, implement, and manage your specific surveillance needs. Prospera offers a seamless solution with our in-house cabling and installation teams, and our networking teams to configure your specific access and setup needs, bringing your business a true blame free,
turnkey solution.


From wireless campus level surveillance, to a camera watching the front door of your company, Prospera can allow your management team to keep your company safe and secure. ProsperaOne Managed Security enables you to watch what you want, when you want, from the Internet to your Smartphone, you can watch the items critical to your business.


Security is not a “set and forget” solution. ProsperaOne Managed Security service plans allow our team to monitor and manage your surveillance solution for issues before they arise, protecting the investment that protects your business.