Our unique protection plan features can be customized to meet your needs.

ProsperaPlus CIO Services provide a layered approach for protection for your network, web access, email traffic, servers and desktops.  Through a multi-layered security blanket of on-premise and cloud services, Prospera scales to the performance level you demand and keeps you current with security industry best practices.

When assessing your needs and profile for security, Prospera takes a service-centric, not product-centric approach. Prospera will profile your needs, your risk level, your compliance and regulatory status, and generate a plan and methodology specific to your business. Products do not provide security, planning a multi-layered defense provides security.  

With ProsperaPlus CIO Service, the Prospera team can assist your company in designing and building a specific action plan around specific security challenges. 

  • HIPAA and SEC planning for audit and ongoing compliance
  • Physical encryption options for hard disks and removable media
  • Advanced email encryption via PGP platform
  • Point to Point Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Data leakage prevention