ProsperaPlus Office Hours

When considering hiring an internal resource for your IT needs, the first justification often focuses on the human element, the element where your staff can talk to someone onsite about any question, big or small. 

With office hours, your team gains the value of a resource, without the burden of managing an additional employee.

The ProsperaPlus Office Hours program brings a trained, background checked, uniformed engineer onsite at your schedule, to work with your staff and be available to answer questions in person as needed.

Office hours are scheduled on a cycle of your design, and allows you to show your staff a personal solution to their technology experience needs.

Key points

  • Onsite to work with staff
  • Review call before onsite visits
  • Our team carries a kit with most tools, supplies, and other items needed to solve your issue on the spot
  • Professional, uniformed, and trained to protect your company image