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What Is Your IT Team Excelling At?

Although most experts predicted that IT budgets would only grow by 2% in 2022, they have already risen by more than 3.5% this year. In a WSJ survey, 51% of business executives revealed that they plan to expand their department’s business intelligence and data analytics tools this year. 

This makes now the perfect time to reflect on your IT department’s weaknesses and pain points: 

Could you use new phone lines, better security, or a complete restructure? Check out our tips below to see how your business could get more out of your IT department.   

1. Integrate CIO Services Into Your Daily Routine

In-house CIOs are responsible for designing and implementing IT and business strategies that help create long-term growth. However, most companies don’t need to pay the overhead of an in-house CIO professional: consider hiring a virtual CIO to cut costs and set an IT plan for your company this year. 

2. Industry Compliance is Key

When was the last time you checked all of the electronic devices in your business for industry compliance? Industry compliance is an often overlooked, but crucial part of mitigating security vulnerabilities found in older computers, outdated software, and vendor system integrations.  

Industry compliance  services will help ensure your business is meeting all of the current tech regulations and best practices. On top of staying up to date,  industry compliance will also ensure the security of your business, clients, and customers improving your company’s reputation. 

3. Ensure Effective Project Management 

To better manage projects and vertical applications, you may need to work with experts who can help you utilize technology investments including  AI, cybersecurity, and advanced machine learning to actually save your company money.   

On average, employees waste more than two hours each day, costing companies $39.98 per day per employee –  streamlining these processes is key to creating an effective and cost-effective work environment. 

4. Stay Organized with Structured Cabling 

The implementation of structured cabling allows businesses to efficiently install organized wiring, keeping your hardware infrastructure organized and manageable by preventing messy tangles. Structured cabling is no joke – by 2025, it’s expected to become a $16.5 billion industry. 

A common misconception is that going wireless eliminates the need for structured cabling: nothing could be further from the truth. In a wireless environment, these types of design and installation services are even more essential to ensure consistent internet coverage throughout your entire business and easy troubleshooting.

This type of cabling requires proper planning, design, move coordination, and installation. As your business continues to use technology, it’s critical to have the correct cabling partner to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. 

How Does Prospera Help?

On average, companies spend anywhere between 3% – 5% of their overall revenue on IT services. To ensure this money is put to good use, businesses often align their IT team to a trusted technology partner like Prospera. 

We create nimble and accessible IT solutions that fit each of our clients unique needs, becoming a virtual extension of their IT department. We want to be your trusted technology partner – learn more here.