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Business & Advertising

Business marketing is one of the most consumer-conscious and rapidly changing industries today. Marketers and advertisers house an influx of consumer data including demographics, shopping patterns, shipping addresses and credit card information. 

According to a PwC study, 85% of consumers wish there were more companies that they could trust with their data. As personal data becomes an even bigger part of marketing, outsourcing to an IT manager provides credibility and quality assurance to clients that their customer data is safe with you. 

“Prospera has been supporting our IT needs since 2010. They are more than just a vendor, they are a part of our team.  Recently they assisted us through the COVID crisis. They helped us implement Office 365, ported our phone numbers into MS Teams, and relocated our office.” 

Parks and Recreation

What IT services could possibly apply to an industry based on enjoying the outdoors and the simplicity of nature

According to the National Recreation and Park Association, the answer is data: “data can be used to establish baseline usage patterns, which can then be compared to data from special events or when new capital improvements are added.”  

Keeping tabs on connection points and data is increasingly important because this technology is often more vulnerable than private networks and new for maky park systems. IT partners offer a feasible way for park staff to adapt to changing systems and protect park data. 

“With Prospera Solutions, our small entity gets the equivalent of a large company’s IT department. Their knowledgeable and attentive crew ensures we are functional and secure on all IT levels, so we can focus our efforts on serving our customers.” 


Nonprofits are more prone to data breaches than you probably realize: according to the National Council of Nonprofits, all of the following non-profit operations are especially vulnerable to data breaches: 

  •  Any website integration that processes donations or event registrations
  • Cloud storage of donor information like “medical information, employee records, including drivers’ licenses, addresses, and social security numbers”
  • Newsletter subscribers or other patron communications

An IT Protection partner can help keep non-profits up-to-code with rapidly evolving security guidelines, to protect their volunteers, staff, and donors. 

“Prospera sends us reminders before any type of upgrade or added security is needed, so we have time to budget. I feel we are well protected with them.” 

Housing & Real Estate

As all realtors know, keeping up with real estate management is a time-sensitive task. Tracking clients, lease statuses, and property availability is crucial to the agent’s successes.   

Forbes described cybersecurity and data protection as “quickly becoming the foundation of building and protecting enterprise value in the commercial real estate industry.” Comprehensive IT management helps real estate experts track activity, while also protecting valuable customer data from falling into the wrong hands.

“Because of the best in-class service that Prospera provides for us, we rest easier knowing that all of our technology and security needs are met efficiently and effectively.”

Why Prospera?

Prospera IT doesn’t specialize in just one industry – our IT protection is highly customized for each of our clients.   

We design industry-leading network infrastructure solutions, deliver proactive managed support, and assist with performance improvement strategies to help you. You can learn more here