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Why do businesses have IT? What is IT protection? IT stands for information technology and encompasses pretty much anything with technology, software implementation and network engineering. They are a proactive force that prevents business problems before they even happen. Just like a Best Buy has security cameras to prevent someone from stealing a TV or Appliance, your business needs security to prevent information theft. 

Check out a few main reasons IT concerns occur and the best ways for your business to handle them.

Data Encryption

Although the concept is simple, how to do it is not common knowledge. Basically, anything electronic your company touches should be double encoded. From company desktops to wifi routers, or emails on employees’ smartphones, anything can be a point of access for someone trying to steal your information. The consequences of a successful data breach can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your company and weaken customer loyalty if they know their information got accessed. This happened to Wells Fargo Bank in 2020 when an access code allowed access to 50,000 customers’ data! Don’t let this be you!

If it can happen to a company as big as Wells Fargo, it can happen to anyone. And although there is no way to 100% stop it from happening, installing firewalls, VPNs, and double authentication are important first steps. And luckily there are certified experts who already know how to do all that so you don’t have to risk your business or customer’s safety to learn how to!

Constant Communication

Another important misconception to not fall into the trap of is that once you install an IT security base you’re good to go. Unfortunately, technology is always changing and so are our hackers. They are on the cutting edge of unethical coding technology that gets them into multi million-user systems like Wells Fargo with the click of a button. 


It’s important to have a trusted IT team that can support the IT needs of your business, especially if your business is growing. 

Outsourcing IT can help ensure your IT concerns are addressed in a timely manner and by people who have experience in your industry. Not like being on hold for 2 hours with an IT helpline for someone who may not even have the answers you need. If you don’t have the means to build up an in-house IT team, which has its own struggles in finding talent and training them to adapt to the complexities of your industry, outsourcing may be the best option for you!

Financial Safety

Did you know that over “63% of all cyberattacks have a financial motivation?” Whether it’s stealing your user’s credit card information or accessing your internal accounts. Many hackers are otherwise paid to obtain select data may be on customer purchase histories or unreleased products. 

Another way it can work is a hacker will just blindly look for any trade secret and then “sell it online to the highest bidder”. Regardless of the reason, we don’t want someone else’s incentive to earn money to cause you to lose yours. That’s why the best way to prevent data theft is with an IT infrastructure. There are cost-effective options so you don’t have to break the bank just to maintain your existing revenue. 

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