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Why are Companies Investing in Turn-Key Software? 

IT problems endlessly plagued Hong Kong’s airport for months. From glitches in the flight information display system to their database for tracking cargo shipments, it cost the economy $600 million in lost business. IT projects require more hands on deck, since they’re included in nearly every aspect of the company. The increased demand for IT projects is creating a higher risk for companies trying to avoid disasters like Hong Kong’s airport. 

In-house vs. Turn-Key

As IT leaders, it’s important to ask the billion-dollar question: should we build our IT software in-house or use ready-made solutions? Creating your own IT software is extremely resource-intensive. In the event that your systems go down, you will need all your experts’ assistance. Additionally, there’s a great deal of pressure on your team to implement a flawless system that works best with your company’s IT. 

Is Turn-Key the Best Option?

CEO of PropTech, Tom Shrive said “Without a doubt, the most effective approach is to buy a license or subscription to an off-the-shelf or turn-key solution.” Shrive and other CIOs are finding that implementing existing solutions, known as ‘turn-key’ solutions, are simple to switch on and off.

“With these solutions, all the research, development, and testing have already been paid for, and users can be assured that they will work – otherwise they can simply cancel their subscription,” said Shrive. 

Although both have advantages, more and more companies are moving to turn-key solutions to reduce risk. In 2022, more than 44% of CIOs say they are more likely to use outsourcing suppliers than they were 5 years ago. 

Saving money is a major driving force. About 45% of companies outsourcing their IT functions say that their outsourced IT projects are intended to save money. The average salary for an IT manager is averaging more than $89k per year. Now more than ever IT experts are in high-demand, so retaining IT professionals requires offering competitive salaries.

Freeing up these resources allows businesses to focus on expanding vertically rather than time spent locating small bugs within the IT department.

By outsourcing, companies are able to find niche skill sets that are not available within their own organization. When a company is able to outsource experts in the field to guide their team to success, they’re able to focus on their larger initiatives. Software is now an integral part of every department within any company, but product managers often do not have a clear understanding of how to implement technology.

Turn-Key Covers Everything

When companies partner with turn-key IT solutions, they’re promised the solution to be fully up and running. Thus, eliminating the risk of small bugs and time spent on these issues will save you and your team time. On top of saving time, both technical and non-technical users will be fully trained on how to use the IT portal in a seamless process. And the most important component, you will quickly see a return on investment.

How Can We Help?

Prospera provides complete IT-managed solutions that are easily integrated into your team’s processes for a turn-key solution. We match our solutions to fit each client’s unique needs, becoming a virtual extension of their IT department. Let’s partner – learn more here.